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Our Private Services!

Residential Property Services

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Event Planning

Concierge Services

Owner & Developer Becca Vertz

Owner & Developer Becca Vertz

Concierge Services!

  • Personal Assistant

  • Recommendations

  • Activities and Events Accompaniment

  • Private Bookings or Tourism Planning

  • VIP Services for Floral, Wine, Spa, Chef, Travel, Transportation or Reservation Requests

Our Fitness Services!

  • Personal Training

  • Private Fitness Classes

  • All Level Yoga Sessions

  • Curative &on Sessions

  • Wellness Services

  • HardCore

  • Flexibility Training


Our Event Services!

In addition, we present Bliss Specialty Event Planning where we plan, coordinate, host & explore Events, Excursions & Expeditions locally and destinationally!

  • Private Bookings, Excursions, Tours, Activities or Tourism Planning

  • Private Party & Event Planning, Hosting, Staffing or Bartending

  • Activities & Events Accompaniment 

  • Vacation Planning

Our residential Property Maintenance & Management Services!

  • Residential Property Cleaning & Rental Cleaning

  • For Sale Property List, Staging or Showing Cleaning

  • Remodeling or Property Construction Assistance

  • Crime Scene & Hoarding Cleanup

  • Property Maintenance & Management Services

  • Household or Lifestyle Coaching & Management