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EmBody offers exclusive specialty Body workshops that are 2 hours of focused Fitness and Wellness Training. OUR bODYsHOPS are unique everytime and are a wonderfully empowering and enlightening event! limited availability.

Life Coaching Topics…

Body Talk

Body Positivity & Self Love

Sat, Aug 10th at 1pm

Do you struggle with self esteem? Your not alone! Come join us for a 2 hour mindfully empowering workshop teaching you to love and appreciate yourself and your body and how to self care with a new focused direction through movement, meditation, and mental engagement.

$25 per person.

Teen Divorce Care

Coming Soon!

Divorce happens. It’s a difficult transition for both parents and children. Becca Vertz offers this specific Divorce Care Class for teens to help them adjust and cope with the changes while alleviating some of the stress off parents. We focus on stress techniques, feel good movements, breathing exercises, and our successfully proven Q & A group discussions that give teens positive outlet options and constructive ways to approach ourselves and the changing world around us. We support, listen, care and encourage.

DISCLOSURE NOTICE: ALL Specialty Youth and Teen Classes are carefully taught by Becca Vertz. Becca is NOT a licensed psychologist, counselor or therapist. She relies on her life experience and teaches from a mindset of positivity, acceptance, and understanding. All Youth and Teen programs or classes are geared towards guiding and motivating children to be the best version of themselves and to look at the world through a positive self image.