Welcome to Bliss Events

by Becca Vertz

Bliss is Becca’s collaborative Brainchild Specialty Event Planning & Development end OF eMbODY. here we Plan, Coordinate, Host & Explore Fitness & Wellness Events, Excursions & Expeditions locally and destinationally. Every event is an all inclusive special group outting that may be local one day excursions to comprehensive out of country expeditions. Every detail is pre-arranged with a dedicated schedule devoted entirely to health, fitness, wellbeing, enjoyment and entertainment. All Bliss Events are one of a kind and have limited availability, They are truly BLISS!

View our current list of Bliss Events on our uPCOMING eVENTS page and Register at MindBody.com.

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Registration & Pre-payments required for all Bliss Events. For more info contact Becca Vertz directly at 920.676.9296 or by email at Becca.Vertz@outlook.com.